When you buy a puppy from us you will get a puppy who had the best growing up conditions before and after birth. 

All our puppies will be raw fed from a well balanced diet plan, easy and manageable. 

The puppies are born and grown up in the house with us in a non-smoker home. The first 3 weeks they stay with their mom in our bedroom and kept warm and draft free. 

When they can hear they will be accustomed with the clicker and when they get eyes and have seen a bit of the world they will be introduced to the rest of the doggi-family and the house.


We bring the puppies out for walks and introduce them to the world, people, cars, bicycles, children and other dogs severel times a week so they can be prepared to life as a dog. 

Included in the price is

• DKK Stamtavle

• Veterinarian consultation with 

• Vaccination

• Chipping plus registrering at the danish DHR

• Deworming 

• Health examination by veterinarian

• Contract

• A very well socialized and early clicker trained dog

Puppy gift containing (value 80 Euro)

• A mapp with all papers and informations about your puppy

• International passport

• Information about raw feeding and guidence in how-to

• Information about behavior i.e. 

Surely it will have been showered with kisses and love

A puppy from Divine Lovlings

If you are still interested in a puppy from us after reading about how we take care of our dogs please send us a mail in where you write about yourself, your family, how you live etc. To us it is not just a thing we sell. To us it is a uniqe individual with rights to have the best family to it's uniqe temperament and we emphasise that one has familiarized oneself with what it means to have a dog.


We don't have problems with selling to families with children as long as the adults takes resposibilty towards the dog. We don't demands about showing/training. However the puppy should have a more or less active life with the family.


We wish for a good loving healthy life for our puppies and this also counts for our choice of feeding. 


Are you ready to think differently regarding feeding? Er you away from home on a daily base no more than 7-8 hours - or do you have someone to look after it or walk it while you'r gone? Have you considered that a papillon most likely will become 12-17 years of age? These are some of the considerations we emphasise. Or else - call us and lets have a talk ☺


We claim the right to chose to whom we sell from the criteria we wish for your puppies

​From DKK's homepage, "hundeweb"

"Breeders from DKK aspire to breed good and well functioning dogs. DKK's puppy list is a current list of allready pedigreed dog which fulfill DKK's requirements to be on the list. We wish to draw ones attention to  the breeders right to refuse to sell to interested buyers. 
The list is daily updated".