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I, knowing as "Cedric" on Earth, am the initiator of the

Infinit 'in blue movement.

Who am I?

I am a father, a gardener, a musician, singer, yogi, shaman,

healer, dancer, writer and free wild life lover.

I am Vegan, nature lover, for the permaculture

and biodynamic natural movement of the Earth. I am for the sustainability, ecology and true respect of all form of life on Earth. I love the life forces, as above so below, Micro-organisms and all the magic of LIfe.

I lived in a Yourt in France for 3 years with a tipi with others friends

yurt on 11 H of land and permaculture.

I have received teachings, initiations and transmissions through the blessings of teachers, shamans, healers and spiritual guides in many traditions around the world, yogi Hindu, Tibetan Buddhism, Native North American, South American, African, Mexican and Amazonia over the past 20 years .

I facilitated, "Guide" shamanic ceremonies, sweat lodges, visions quest, shamanic dances, firewalks, purification ceremonies In the Earth, shamanic journeys with drum, I also use to train and teach students in building and conducting sweat lodges and shamanic drum journeys. I was a Sun Dancer for 5 intensive years.

Healer and energy therapist, I offer my services throughout the year.

I have been taught essential Yoga for more than 10 years, that I have been practicing with meditation for over 20 years.

I am a Divine Intervention practitioner, miracle healer

and teacher from the sacred curandero from Mexico.

Today, I transmit teachings and initiations from a various ancient lineage and actual needs:

Hatha and Kundalini-Yoga, pranayama, meditations, relaxations, sacred geometries and colors magic, multi-dimensionality, universal laws, energy healing applications, music therapy, singing mantras circle, guitar class, coaching, couple therapy, tantra and many other topics around how to emanate our authentic being.

We have many projects that are on Divine Fire, in the hand of God.

My Soundcloud page :

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