Should we be paid by the hour...

☺ - fortunately we don't balance it like that coz we have dogs out of love and breed them partly to spread happiness and joy.


But just for fun...lets see how much work and expensives is included in having dogs and puppies.


We take our breeding and dogs very seriously as you can read and several pages on this site. We have thought and discussed a lot about how to breed and keep the healthiest, happiest and most beuatiful dogs as possible. And we only breed on purebreed papillons and with FCI/DKK pedigree of course. And further more we feed the with the best dog food possible for a dog.


Sometimes we drive a long way to get food or have it send from Germany. As we have chosen to raw feed our dogs we also have supplements just to "wear both belt and braces".


Due to demands from obedience classes they need their 3. yearly vaccination (as Laegemiddelstyrelsen (FDA) and manufacturer recommend). Besides from that they have an examination/Patella test by a vet and eyetest from a specialized vet between their 3-5 year of age. When regulations at DKK allow it we will get the DNA-test for PRA1.


With a pregnant and breast nursing bitch we feed ad libitum many times a day. And when the labor start we are present from the start to finish. Maybe first aid is needed and in worse case scnenario we'll have to pack the car and drive way too long to a 

veterinary hospital (always at tribble cost). Xray and scan are also expended but all to accommodate possible complications.


When the puppy (ies) are born it must be registered and get its pedigree at DKK. It will be health examinated at the vets, will be chipped, vaccinated and registered at the Danish Dog Regestri. It's all costly and takes time, lots of time -actually the most of our time.


I those weeks the puppies are here they will be brought up with breast milk, raw food (barf) and some times breast milk substitute. And we use a lot of food.

We begin their house training on gras, they are getting used to walk in leash - outside on walks. We socialize them by presenting them to things they will meet in life like scooters, children, cars, busses, trains, brigdes, joggers etc. They will be cuddled, played with many times a day. They will be combed every second day and perhaps washed. Every second week there tiny claws needs clipping.


The pedigree

A dog with no pedigree is just as happy and loving. But there is no quarantie that the lines are pure papillon. To be a serious breeder also means that ones dogs are selected by pedigree.


A dog with a pedigree can participate in dog shows. At such a trained jugde will examin the dog for the breeds typical features. Depending on how well the dog is presenting itself and how good the dog is it will get differendt prize.

There are many expences regarding dog shows. The fees, gas for the car, cages for the car etc. 

Trust and conficence at selling and buying a puppy goes both ways


A summery of the various expences:

Extra food, supplements, legal insurence, chipping, registeration of the dog, veterinary consultations, scans, x-rays, vaccinations, dogs merchandise, differenct attests, maintenence of house and garden. Courses, books. Long days with expensive bridge fees. Obedience class fess. All this to make sure that you get a purebreed dog, typical for its breed and with a nice temperament.


To be a serious breeder and dog owner is a non-paid full time job, it's a hobby.


So when the small papillon get 1-4 puppies it's not a gold mine, it's passion and interest and a wish to share the joy with new people who get the opportunity to share their life with this small perfect dog.