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The breeding

We have a small house breeding of papillon under the internationale world recognized kennel club DKK. a kennel with top quality and where the dogs are the center of attention. Meaning that education regarding breeding and behaviour is an ongoing proces. 

Our dogs live freely in the whole house as part of the family and dare I  say are rather spoiled 


We occasionally have puppies for sale. Your welcome to call or write for further information.

The pedigree is a very good tool for a breeder and a FCI/DKK pedigree is a garanty and safety for you to buy a healthy and typically papillon bred from the best terms. 

All our dogs have DKK/FCI-pedigree 

All our dogs are testet for patella luxation

All our dogs will be eyetested 1 time

All our dogs are dna testet for PRA1 (if not free via parents) 

All our dogs are tested NORMAL for PRA1 and can be read at 

See the pedigrees here


Meet the lovely gentlemen 


Present puppies or future matings

Puppy from us

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Family farm

We only think it's fair you know a little about us before considering buying a puppy. We also ask you to tell us about you!


We are a family of 2 adults and 4 children not living at home any more and 4 dogs. We live close to Faaborg at Fyn with 1.7 hectar to play at and a lot af nature close by. 


Our dogs are a part of the family, go about the whole house, snuggles in the duvets before bedtime. They are very harmonic and social and rarely growl at eacother.

We spend a lot of time with the dogs. We play, train, show and give them experiences as we think of our dogs as very cherished family members.  

They spend very little time alone without us.

The male part of the duet works with children. Used to be a real estate worker and a banker.

I am a trained nurse and a schoolteacher.

By the way our home is a non-smoking- home.


Show- and agility news



Super Bala

Divine Lovelings Bala Ganapathi came in second  in 2019 as the most winning papillon male in Denmark, only lost by 2 points. In 2018 he came in FIRST. nr. 2 som årets han, slået med 2 point på målstregen og årets sidste udstilling

Venus is halfway in class 1 - watch the new video



Gandalf i chemically castrated now and thus not in breeding anymore.

Gandalf is just a gentle loving lad with mental resourses to his pack. He's very dutiful towards his familiy. Especially his girls and non the least Bala. His resourses and raising skills with puppies is remarkably lovling. The first few times I caught him ear washing and cuddling Bala he stopped abruptly and pretended as if nothing had happened. In the beginning he acted as if it was embarrasing to him. He is very gentle and sensitive.

When he was younger he was very protective of his girls when other males were close by.

He is a bit wild when he plays and jumps a lot.


He used to be the curioused of them all. Now he's settled and even had grey hair.

He use a pillow for his head when he sleeps, always done that. And he roll himself in the curtains or whatever he can manage that action with.  


He loves food. Carrots, bone, bell pepper, califlour, pancakes haha - when he steals them, and he does. He jumps on the tables whenever we look the other side. Bandit!  

We hope Gandalf will die of old age with us.

Zkarabis World Of Warcraft





Bala Bandit, Bala Bingo hat, Bala Barmy, Bala Bully Sprout, Bala Boney Jump, Baby Bala e.i. - success has many fathers and there seems to be a name for every occasion. 

Just as honied and endearing he can be such as  sassy he is. He is his mama's boy, no doubt about that.

Bala likes to Keep an eye on everything in the house and wants the front row to everything. Endure himself if another dog gets pampered. And when the others greet us with barking Bala greets us with his wolf-lion roar. If he gets reprimanded he always finish with a lion roar. What he tells I do not know. Does he wants the last word? Does he answer again?

The popcorns... he looked at them very suspiciously. All our dogs eat popcorn and love it. It took him a lot of time to find out why it's so delicious. He spent a long time observing the others and finally one day he carefully took one in his mouth and sneaked to his pillow and then guarded that little popcorn for a long time. :-)

He is beautiful, roaring, prominent, "fethry Duck" and immensely loving.

Bala is especially fond of his Gandalf. The two males love each other. And then he is fortunately a mothers boy.

Bala became a father in 2016 and he immediately picked out a favorite - Venus. Venus asked for permission - no insisted - to stay here from she was 5-6 weeks old so obviously she stayed. Perhaps Bala predicted something :-) They are so similar so perhaps it's not fathers love but pure narcissism :-D 

Divine Lovelings Bala Ganapathi


DKCH, KBHV18, ÅretsHan PPK18, BIR og BIS

Klasse 1 agility



Trinity - Agility - Personality - This is our yummy "lass".

She's in her spirit when she runs agility and she's good, very good. She darts of whilst joy twinkles in her eye. 


She's very gentle and somewhat reserved towards strangers. She is self-contained but do bark when she arrives at places, barking "here I am". Not in an aggressive way. Just a pain-in-the-but hoarse way :D 

Trinity couldn't be happier than when she's training just something. Obediense ore agility or other tricks we come up with - it doesn't matter. She gets so eager that she almost move in stacato or try it all in the same time :) 

When we don't do anything she prefer to lie on the lap. Nothing as nice a lying on moms lap. 

Like Pippi she has a very varying mimic which more than once has made us cracked with laughter. 


Trinity used to have a very nice fur and also got herself some very nice critigues. Unfortunately her fur changed after giving birth to a litter. It used to be so long so I had to cut it when we ran agility. More than once she fell in her own hair. Once she took a roll after the first jump. 

Trinity had a litter in the summer 2016. It was somewhat unfortunate since she had qualified for DM and EO in France. The break was suppose to be 4-5 month but moving to a new house at the other end of the country, a shoulder operation, sicknes in familiy and so on and so forth. She's not happy with that... But I have de-classed her to senior and she just loves to run :)
Now with her last litter she will be starting this summer 2020 in senior class.

"Divine Lovelings" Trinity


Severel Excellent

Class 3 at agility, 1 AG-cert in agility



Venus asked to stay here and so it became.

From she was af few weeks old she and her sister Supernova outran the other two in the litter. They were very advanced for their age.

She is the image of her father. Does the same funny things, same behaviour - unfortunately also the barking. Her rolemodel was clearly Bala. 

She is the embodyment of our first working line. She is bred in preparation to further the agility-genes. Of course there are no such thing as agility genes but science shows us that feelings and behaviour are hereditarily. 

So far it seems as it works. Venus is hyper. She's fast, she's agily, she's long-legged. Venus is 29,5 cm high.

And she loves agility. howls and whine when we'r of to training. She's fast and gets turned on by it and also gets turned on by playing with toys. g hun er vild med agility. The lass is totally fearles. 

Here temperament is loving and active. She's naughty, wonderful, quick learner and a cuttler. She absolutely loves Ila and she her. They are like sisters. And she's her mothers girl ;-) 

Divine Lovelings Venus


Class 1. in agility



Divine Lovelings Caol Ila from the Whisky litter apparently had to stay with us.  She reminded us of Pippi and as we had just lost Pippi - well then she had to stay. Now she's just very uniqe Ila :)

Ila is a very calm dog. She thinks about every move and is very elegant in her walk. She's a very feminin dog. And she loooooves her mother - YES! She likes to cuttle big time. 

She loves to sleep in small caves or as high as possible. Usually she sleeps in the toy basket or on top of the cages. And she hordes like her mother Oma. We have found - and find -  many strange things in the toy basket or hidden in a blanket in the cage.


At the age of 10 month she had already gained 2 CAC and now we awaits here 2 years birthday. So far many nice critiques. Some can be seen on the page-blog "show".  

A lovely beautiful dog whom we look forward to show and none the least breed on when that time comes.

Due to some difficulties we had to pause her show karrier. She will soon be on the red carpet again (2020)

Divine Lovelings Caol Ila


Excellent CK - missing one to become DKCH

Golden Leaf's Jolene


None yet




Divine Lovelings Fabulous Frida


None yet





Divine Lovelings Bala Ganapathi - aka Bala is very handsome and wellbuild. His fur is just perfect which has been mentioned many times by the jugdes. He is DKCH - KBHV18 - CLUBCH. No 1 winning male in 2018 and no 2 winning male in 2019. 

He also runs agility class 1 only missing one AG-win to get into class 2.

The female need a DKK/FCI pedigree and meet the breed standard. 

If the female is without puppies we offer a re-mating. If the mating is unsuccesfully we offer a re-mating or free of charge. 

The mating agreement is signed with individual agreements.



When you buy a puppy from us you will get a puppy who had the best growing up conditions before and after birth. 

All our puppies will be raw fed from a well balanced diet plan, easy and manageable. 

The puppies are born and grown up in the house with us in a non-smoker home. The first 3 weeks they stay with their mom in our bedroom and kept warm and draft free. 

When they can hear they will be accustomed with the clicker and when they get eyes and have seen a bit of the world they will be introduced to the rest of the doggi-family and the house.


We bring the puppies out for walks and introduce them to the world, people, cars, bicycles, children and other dogs severel times a week so they can be prepared to life as a dog. 

Included in the price is

• DKK Stamtavle

• Veterinarian consultation with 

• Vaccination

• Chipping plus registrering at the danish DHR

• Deworming 

• Health examination by veterinarian

• Contract

• Well socialized

Puppy gift containing 

Surely it will have been showered with kisses and love

If you are still interested in a puppy from us after reading about how we take care of our dogs please send us a mail in where you write about yourself, your family, how you live etc. To us it is not just a thing we sell. To us it is a uniqe individual with rights to have the best family to it's uniqe temperament and we emphasise that one has familiarized oneself with what it means to have a dog.


We don't have problems with selling to families with children as long as the adults takes resposibilty towards the dog. We don't demands about showing/training. However the puppy should have a more or less active life with the family.


We wish for a good loving healthy life for our puppies and this also counts for our choice of feeding. 


Are you ready to think differently regarding feeding? Er you away from home on a daily base no more than 7-8 hours - or do you have someone to look after it or walk it while you'r gone? Have you considered that a papillon most likely will become 12-17 years of age? These are some of the considerations we emphasise. Or else - call us and lets have a talk ☺


We claim the right to chose to whom we sell from the criteria we wish for your puppies